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Buried water stop

Buried in rubber water-stop Profile & nbsp; 
Buried in rubber water-stop is one of the main types of rubber water-stop, is one of the most important , the most widely used form of a water stop, usually known as the home or buried rubber water-stop rubber water stop, rubber water which is installed in the concrete deformation joints, expansion joints and other internal set of concrete water stop, with the ability to form an elastic material and structure to accommodate water-stop stretching deformation of concrete. Buried in rubber water-stop use of the rubber itself has high elasticity and compression deformation characteristics of elastic deformation under various loads, and thus play an effective fastening seal to prevent leakage, seepage and shock absorption cushioning effect building construction . 
buried water stop classification 
From a structural form can be divided into CB-type water stop and CP-type water stop two kinds. 
CB-type water stop refers to the middle hole of buried water stop, it can be divided into CB rubber water stop, CB plastic water stop categories. Mainly applicable to a variety of concrete structures expansion joints, settlement joints and shock, etc., with concrete anchor close, seal and stretching deformation and deformation joint adaptation of outstanding ability and the like. 
CP-type water stop means an intermediate non-porous buried water stop, it can be divided into CP rubber water stop, CP plastic water stop two kinds. Mainly suitable for small amount of deformation of concrete structures construction joints, contraction joints completely, incomplete contraction joints, expansion joints, etc., with concrete anchor close, seal and elastic stretch and deformation characteristics. 
Buried in rubber water-stop sealing principle & nbsp; 
the role of the buried rubber water stop and backing with rubber principles and the same water-stop, it is the use of high elasticity of rubber to produce elastic deformation under various loads, and thus play a strong seal, effectively prevent the leakage of the building structure, water seepage and shock absorption effect. In many engineering and construction design, between civil engineering, water and soil structure has certain requirements retractable, waterproof and shockproof other issues exist, so the use and installation of rubber water-stop is an effective means to solve all of these problems. This product is mainly used in situ concrete construction joints and deformation crack, and become one of the concrete structure foundation engineering, underground facilities, tunnels, culverts, water aqueducts, dams, etc., to ensure the life of the project construction. 
Buried in rubber water-stop national standards GB18173.2-2000 "polymer waterproof sealing material with "organization of production. Therefore, we can according to user requirements of various shapes, sizes, rubber water-stop, in addition to different projects require different parts with cross-shaped, T-shaped, slope type and inside and outside corner product, applicable to any design Claim. 
Buried in rubber water-stop piecing method & nbsp; 
There are two buried rubber water-stop connector ways: one is the use of an adhesive cold joint, one is to use hot vulcanizing mold thermally connected. 
below were introduced on both fitting methods: the adhesive is then cold water stop rubber special Splice glue, using the lap section of the law requires water stop joints with polished grinder 5 to 10 cm, glue water to compaction, high strength, the advantages of having a fast solidification, construction convenient, time-saving, general project quality requirements can be achieved. 
hot spot joint connection curing method is to use hot water stop matching vulcanizing mold and cured raw film scene heat staking, construction difficult, but over the joint effect of the project for the strict quality requirements of the project. In our water stop purchasing customers, we can provide video tutorials.

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